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Abstract prints collection: Au Naturel

My latest pattern collection features abstract prints is inspired by the latest interest in fashion for nature’s textures and patterns: tree bark, leaves, rocks, sediments, etc. 

If you like the look, check out my Zazzle shop where you can find some of the products shown above.

I didn’t have to go far to find a funky looking bark, there’s a really tall pine tree only a couple steps from my front door. And I snapped the leaves on a hike, not too much farther.

For the first pattern I stood in front of the tree and sketched whatever strange shapes I could see in the bark, applied paint, then played with colors and layering in photoshop.

Spending some time playing with black ink and a variety of brushes, I tried different angles and  degree of wetness for the brush, and out came another bark pattern.

Leaves were painted with a simple paintbrush and watercolor then scanned, colored, layered and textured in photoshop.


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