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April school with Lilla Rogers’ course “Make Art that Sells”

I just took a big step and decided to invest in myself by signing up for exciting e-course Make Art that Sells, taught by Lilla Rogers, which start March 31st and runs until May. It’s an amazing opportunity, as she is one of the top leading art agents and knows what’s hot now, what’s trending and where our artwork may fit in. 

We’ll learn about markets like home décor, gifts, bolt fabric and children’s books. She’ll even have people who buy art critique our work.  A wonderful way to build up great portfolio pieces. But what I find most rewarding in taking classes is sharing and learning with a bunch of other talented people. It’s inspiration multiplied by as many students are there are in the class.

Check out Lilla’s site if you’re interested, or forward the information to someone you know who may be (that’s how I learned about it). It runs for five weeks, during which I’ll no doubt be very busy but also having fun! 


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