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Book Block pineapple notebook

Some of you might have seen the pineapple I drew as a response to Sally’s challenge in the Build an Illustration Freelance Business workshop a couple weeks ago. Well I found a good use for it! A little before the workshop I was contacted by an entrepreneur via instagram to participate in a kickstarter project called Book Block. Essentially the idea is to allow people to design and have their own notebooks printed just the way they like from the paper inside to the cover, ribbon and elastic color included. The Book Block team offered to print me a notebook with one of my design in exchange of spreading the word about their kickstarter campaign.

Since the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, I imagined the notebook welcoming its user with a cheerful “hello”. And once consumed, knowing to say “goodbye”…

Isn’t this project an awesome idea? It’s really hard to find good quality journals to customize at a reasonable price, yet alone being able to customize the type of paper (including good paper with no lines, hello sketchbook!) and have it be in a nice hardcover with a matte finish. So if like me you would love to see a project like this become a reality please go on over to the kickstarter campaign and help these guys out!

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