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Brand new fable in progress: it’s a goat! Right in time for the Chinese New Year

I didn’t plan this at all, I swear it has nothing to do with the Chinese Year of the Goat..  nevertheless I got inspired to start a brand new fable and turns out it features a goat as the main character. Some people might say there are no coincidences, maybe I’ve just been seeing a lot of goats lately.

While flipping through my book of symbols looking at insects for my journal cover with all the bugs (which you can now buy, in a fresh new look) I came across the page of the goat, and out of the blue the title of a French kid’s story popped in my mind. “The goat of Mr Seguin”. I completely forgot what the story was about, so I googled it. Here’s an english version. In a nutshell it’s about a goat that wants to escape Mr Seguin’s little patch of grass to go to the mountain and eventually she does, but there is she meets a wolf and dies after fighting him all night. It’s meant to warn us of the dangers of freedom. 

After reading the story, I thought about it a couple seconds, then it hit me: that goat is me! Since I was a kid I have had this desire to be free. And I can’t quite describe what is that freedom I am after. Because I have escaped practically every patch of grass (I even quit my comfortable job) but that darn feeling is still with me. I felt I really needed to explore this further and try my hand at a new fable.

After eight pages of notes and scribbles and an inspiring walk with a friend up a hill I came up with a sketch. But in my version of the story I placed the goat up a pollarded tree. I’d seen pictures of goats on trees and thought they looked pretty funny. Unconsciously, I drew the tree looking like a hand with a pointed index finger, as if the goat was sitting there in judgment. The fence symbolizes the farm and thistles the temptation of going to the mountain. The circle behind the goat’s head is a moon, Pink Moon, inspired by Nick Drake’s song.

Now that I have the first drawing the idea the next step is to create an opposite drawing that would give a possible solution to the goat’s conundrum. But it’s easier said than done…



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