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Card and gift set design for Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and thanks to FolioFocus this year I’m ready with a card and gift set for the occasion. I took the workshop last fall and loved their briefs with the challenging fashion trends so I couldn’t resist and last minute signed up for another round! 

The assignment for this first week wasn’t too surprising, a card for Valentine’s Day, but the trend to go with it was just wow: kitsch and pop art Lichtenstein style and a pretty vibrant color palette. Check out the fashion!

The goal was to design an unconventional and original card whether for lovers, or for anti-valentine proponents, or to give to a best friend. I liked the idea of a card that works for friends, cause why should couples have all the fun ha! 

While cleaning my emails I found a photo a friend took on my birthday a couple years ago. Her cat Calvin is always very affectionate with me (more so than with other visitors), so as a joke she calls him my boyfriend. Usually he’s all over my shoes but that day he even climbed on my laps for a little extra love. And that is Calvin on my card. I was even dressed in pop colors just like the trend

Just so you don’t think it all comes easily and perfectly in one fell swoop I’m sharing some of the brainstorming process. These days I like to use Procreate to get started because it’s like the cheap paper equivalent to the fancy sketchbook that is Photoshop. Plus the app makes it easy and fun to change colors.

After that I move to Photoshop to work out the layout and patterns. And I don’t know if that’s working in reverse, but I sometimes like to do my handmade work *after* having figured out the layout so I don’t spend time painting things that I might not use.

Once I have the patterns and card design it’s on to creating a compelling story by mocking up what a wrapped gift would look like with a nice tag and a fancy envelop for the card. There, now to find the companies to send this to, and hopefully it shows up in stores next year

Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

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