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Classes and latest book additions to my library

Many people dream of starting out on their own, and that’s been me for a long time. Now two months into my new adventure I am facing different challenges than I did when trying to maintain a full time job. The days seem to go by a lot faster and I’m not getting as much done as I imagined I would! On the plus side I have been doing more of the things I was neglecting before like spending time with friends, exercising, sleeping a decent amount of hours, going to the museum, and taking care of things around the house.

Something I have learned in the past year is that it’s better to start with the right resources and people than just jump and go it alone. And there’s no better way than to learn from people who have been successful! One of the these people is Amy Ng from pikaland, who is teaching the class Work/Art/Play. I’m halfway into it right now. So far I have analyzed the common threads in my work and what my strengths might be, reworked my about page, and started collecting emails for a monthly newsletter (Hint, hint, please sign up to get the latest scoop! I won’t spam you I promise). 

Amy shares useful links and resources with the weekly modules, and we also have a facebook group to connect with other students from the class. In one the threads someone asked about feeling scattered, trying too many things and feeling like not having accomplished anything. It’s something many people struggle with, me included. Amy brought up a good point about the need for experimenting, that it’s a good thing, and suggested the book The Alchemist, a story of a shepherd boy in search of a treasure. I just started reading it. Here’s something I really like the author said in the foreword: 

The story of one person is the story of everyone

It’s something I believe and why I am making up little stories with animals, so maybe other people will recognize themselves in them. I also like the quote on the back of the book, “to realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.” It sounds so simple..!

Here’s another successful artist I am learning a lot from: Lisa Congdon. This past week she was teaching a class on Creative Live based on her book Art Inc. I highly recommend it if you’re starting out as an artist or need a boost of productivity. 

In the class Lisa mentioned the book Show Your Work, to make the point that it’s good to share something everyday, even if it’s work in progress. That is a tough thing for most artists, but not doing so contributes to the myth that art is something to do with only talent and a good dose of magic. No. we have to work at it, and most of the time pretty hard!  

If you’ve read my posts you know I like to share my process, but usually I do it at the end when I’m done and my posts can get a little long. So I’m going to try and change that. Share more often and smaller tidbits. By the way I meant to make this post shorter, really! Haha. So much to say. But give me time, I’ll get better

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