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Clearing clutter and embracing materiality

Hope your year is off to a good start. I have new art to show you, but I’ll admit this past January I’ve been busy mainly behind the scenes, clearing digital and material clutter. And it was really worth it! That stuff saps a lot of mental energy. I moved my emails to a single provider, all my online accounts in a password manager, totally refreshed my website, and cleaned up my studio so all my supplies are now easily accessible.

The illustration below was sent as a static image to friends and family when telling them of my change of email address. Then this week I wanted to practice animating a walking character and turned it into a loop.

I can’t take credit for the beautiful design of the house as it’s actually a real house in my neighborhood, which you can see in the photo below. I don’t know the people who live there but something about that house just enchants me.

It’s tidy and lively all at the same time. The landscaping mirrors the shapes of the windows and the roof, and the shades of green reflect the blue and yellow of the walls. It looks almost magical.



Along the same subject, houses and landscape, I’m working on another canvas painting from the monthly paint night at my neighbor’s studio. It’s a view of a hill from a trail I like to hike.  Still a work in progress, but I’ll show you anyway.

I might add more trees or bushes but I like the calm areas of the sky and the hill. According to Adobe, people want to see more images of silence and solitude in 2018. It certainly rings true to me, I want less “busyness” in my art (but don’t get me wrong, more business!).



Valentine’s Day is coming fast, and this year I participated in a secret Valentine Exchange organized by Ute and Sanae. We were given a person to send a handmade gift to, with their favorite colors and motifs. My valentine liked peonies among other things, and the colors silver, blue, green, and purple. So I did a small painting of peonies with acrylics on a wood panel.

Making art in that gifting spirit was quite joyful and I think it could be a good idea to put myself in that frame of mind even though I do it with the intention of selling.



And you see, those colors inspired me to revisit and freshen up existing designs. As part of my website redesign I updated my shop and added several Society6 products. Click here to check it out!



I love offering designs printed on products but in the spirit of making more art by hand I would be very happy to eventually have enough original gouache and acrylic paintings to start offering them in my shop as well. 

animation decor illustration painting pattern

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