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Collage of Fujimori’s Beetle House

First post of the year! I’m not taking resolutions this time, except I need to either post more often or rethink my post strategy. Here’s my second collage on treehouses. It’s another tea house by Terunobu Fujimori, an unconventional Japanese architect whose work is playful and clever.

This tea house was built for an exhibit a the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in June of last year. It’s called the Beetle House because the charred pine wood of its exterior resemble the tough shell of a beetle. Here’s the irony about this one: it’s the house that carries the trees, not the other way around!

I really like the high contrast on the inside of the tea house, and notice that little bicycle on the left side of the mantel, another fun little detail.

There’s a great article about Fujimori on Dwell which talks about how he came to design after being an historian for a good part of his life, and shows other examples of his unique work. Also check out this video about the construction of the Beetle House and the architect’s process.

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