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Colorful Venice Beach lifeguard towers

Today I went to my old neighborhood of Venice to walk along my favorite stretch of the beach, from Rose ave to the little bay of rocks where surfers ride the waves and skateboarders ride concrete in the park by the boardwalk. Much everything was the same: people smiling everywhere, walking along the water, getting buried in the sand or sitting quietly on the shore, kids playing in the waves.. but something was different. The lifeguard towers were far from their usual blue-grey shade shown below, much more colorful!

Back home I looked it up online. I wasn’t dreaming, this has been done only recently. It’s a project called Summer of Color put together by Portraits of Hope, a group of people that “conceives and develops one-of-a-kind motivational art projects” merging “the production of dynamic public art works with creative therapy for hospitalized children and civic education for students of all ages.” Very cool. They have projects in multiple places, like New York, New Orleans, Japan.. Another project they did in Los Angeles is the tower on Pico by the Avenue of the Stars. Ha, you think you know a lot about your city, but there is always more to learn..


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