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Crustaceans Otomi pattern

I bought the pillows shown below from Urban Outfitters a few months ago, just really loving their colors and cheerfulness. I didn’t know this kind of pattern is traditionally made by the Otomi people of Mexico until it was shown as inspiration for colorful patterns in last month’s plates project. A quick search on Google and you can see it’s been a popular trend recently, being used on furniture, lamps, cushions, wall art, and even clothes and accessories! While almost all examples I’ve seen are composed of a variety of birds and land animals I thought it would be fun to give it a new take by making one with crustaceans.

I tested out the idea with a few elements in a quick sketch and looked for more fun sea elements to add, like a mermaid (also very popular subject lately), and things related to crustaceans fishing like a fisherman and pelican.

There’s my final design below, which I created in Illustrator so it can scale to any dimensions. I tried both a single color and multiple colors, going for an ocean inspired palette. Very glad I finally bought a Wacom tablet, what a game changer! At the same time I learned about tools I never used much before, like the pencil and eraser.  Makes my life so much easier. I’m going to love Illustrator a lot more now!

After playing a bit more with colors, here’s the color palette I settled on. I can see this making a pretty pillow for a beach pad look, but it would be cool as fabric for a number of things (towel, tablecloth, etc). Maybe wall art too, or printed on a tote bag. I had a sample made in a single color to try it out. What would be your favorite application?


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