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fables of the nightingale and the mockingbird

Done with two other fables, one about a nightingale and the other about a mockingbird. The person that inspired me for the nightingale story is someone that often seems to be elsewhere, or in a hurry to get somewhere else. It’s about a tension between two states or yearning for something. In creating the image I was inspired by the of the Wind Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami when the main character sits in a well looking up at the moon through the opening, imagining he’s the wind up bird no one can see. 

That yearning tension is a familiar feeling in my own life too. For example always looking for the next thing, like another career to move to. So what would the opposite be like? I imagined the tension resolved by becoming a mockingbird: lighthearted, sure about what I want and living it in the present moment.

For the original artwork, check out my post from a year ago. 

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