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Fables of the rooster for those who wait all the time

The last few days I worked on another pair of fables which I call the waiter and the summoner.  It illustrates something I have struggled with since childhood: waiting. Being part of a large family with a very busy dad there was a lot of waiting around. But while patience can be a virtue, in my case it became a habit. Waiting to go after my dreams, for opportunities to move forward, the right person to show up, the right time to travel, etc. This feeling of waiting for something is always there. 

 the waiter  the summoner

I did the original drawings little over a year ago, choosing the rooster as a symbol because it represents the passage of time. Sticking one on a weathervane struck me as a good way to depict someone who waits all the time. Since he’s not even a real rooster he can’t sense when the sun will rise and has to rely only on the “N-E-W-S” to know when the new day will come.

The main idea behind my fables and the reason they come as a pair is to illustrate the opposite concept and learn how to change. So I wondered, what would “not waiting” look like?  A real rooster crowing at the sun, letting everyone know it’s time to start the day. Maybe he’s a little bossy but he makes things happen.

animal archetype illustration story

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