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Florals and stripes collection: Fleurs du Jour

Floral and stripes are the latest trend apparently. Just google “florals stripes fashion” and you’ll see all sorts of ways to mix them up.. as separate pieces of clothing, and also into a single pattern! My challenge last week was not only to create one such pattern, but to add more items to the mix as secondary patterns and coordinates to form a cohesive collection.

What makes a cohesive collection? I’ve struggled with this before, wondering how on earth do patterns that seem so different at first just work together so well. This week I was determined to figure it out. I can say it’s a delicate balance of shapes, colors, themes, and scale. But maybe my struggle was that I was trying to “figure” it out, actually, rather than let the creative process take over without my head getting in the way. So I learned to play more and trust what comes out of it. And while playing, I developed an idea for a illustration “placement print” (that’s jargon for a non pattern element in a collection):

And now the fun part, how would those pretty patterns be used? While designing I kept thinking “oh, that would make a cute blouse” or “I could see this as a bag”, but besides fashion (which is a whole different world from licensing) there’s stationery, paper goods, and a whole bunch of possible uses. Here’s how I imagine it could be used as gift packaging.

And if you’re curious how patterns are made, here are some pics of work in progress. I started out cutting shapes just to get going, and got inspired by my bird scissors. I also browsed through books, a florist shop, and tons of Pinterest!

It could also make a cute poof and journal covers, no?

Now, rush to your closet and create new outfits with your floral skirts and striped shirts! 

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