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Fun time with textures

I used a lot of textures in the May bootcamp editorial illustration and thought maybe seeing the original files and how they were made or came from could be helpful or interesting to share. 

Most textures I made during the Wall Art week in the MATS A class, and there are a couple free textures from the web. I didn’t really start with anything specific idea in mind, just collected anything I thought could make fun impressions: egg carton, strawberry basket, wall covering samples (leftover from my time in architecture) and fresh leaves from surrounding gardens. The circles I painted with a small brush.

For the walls I layered  two textures. The first one was handmade by first rolling ink on a fern leaf (shown above) and keeping rolling after removing the leaf. It was kind of a happy accident, I just meant to reuse the inking surface but I loved the mix of brayer texture and fine lines from the leaf. And the second texture is a grunge surface I downloaded from the web (can’t find where I got it from, but there are many free ones available with a search). The floor texture came from the wall covering sample (shown next to the egg carton above). See the resulting files below. That’s basically it, and then using blend modes and transparency in Photoshop. 

In the main figure I used the texture from the egg carton for her shirt, and I scanned my own jeans for her pants. These were brand new jeans so it made a clean uniform texture. And all the chairs have the same wood texture from Very useful for all kinds of projects. 

I had so much fun “picking outfits” for all the characters in the illustration, it’s like I’m a fashion designer :). The girl on the left has the circle texture. That one was done with round sponges dipped in acrylic inks. In photoshop playing with the scale and blending mode it became a tie dye shirt! The guy has just regular patterns applied from Photoshop’s pattern overlay library. Then the girl on the right has the leaf pattern shirt, made by painting over a fresh leaf and carefully pressing down on paper. Her skirt has very subtle lines from the strawberry carton texture. I find that using golden hues for the texture give me a lot of latitude later, if I want a blue I just use for example the “difference” or “exclude” blending modes. 

That pretty much sums up the round up. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have interesting texture making processes or sources, please share them in the comments!

illustration process

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