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Getting in the holiday spirit with a Christmas town

Wow, Christmas is exactly two weeks away! Every year it catches me by surprise, even though lights and decorations have been up in the neighborhood for several days already. Though it is a little colder this time of year in Southern California and I need scarves, warm sweaters and even a hat sometimes, I still find it hard to feel the holiday spirit without the snow. Well the past couple days I’ve made it snow inside my computer and.. now I can easily say it: happy holidays!



I went to visit friends in Utah for Thanksgiving and there was a snow storm! So nice to see trees and yards covered in fluffy white snow. It helped to think of that when drawing a Christmas town scene for the last brief for FolioFocus. I also thought back of all the ways I played in the snow when living in Canada: building a snowman, skating, cross-country skiing, not to forget snow fights!

The design lends itself easily for a nice greeting card (available on Society6), but it could also make fun holiday plates! 

illustration lettering stationery tabletop

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