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Global Talent Search: patterned sneakers

The Global Talent Search is here again and this year’s assignment was especially fun: design patterns for sneakers! Although the theme for the pattern was wide opened we were given a specific demographic: a young girl named Antoinette living in New York who owns a quirky eclectic shop with a certain Parisian flair. Inspired by the colors and photos of the things in Antoinette’s shop, here’s what I submitted last week as my entry to the contest. 

One of the things in Antoinette’s shop was a deck of the Wild Unknown Tarot and since the contest fell on my birthday month that inspired me to look up zodiac symbols for Virgo and turn them into a pattern. I learned that the maiden used as a symbol for Virgo often carried a wheat sheaf because the Greek and Roman associated her with the goddess of wheat/agriculture. And because the planet that rules Virgo is Mercury I added its personification as the roman god Mercury, also knows as Hermes in the greek mythology. Finally each zodiac sign belong to an element and for Virgo it’s Earth, the symbol looks like an inverted triangle with a bar at the bottom. 

PS: If you like my virgo pattern, you might like its new incarnation in my shop under the name Mercury!


Now continuing on with the rest of the post...

I hesitated a lot to go this route at first because florals are so universal and popular it’s always a good choice for a pattern. Then I found out there are birth flowers for every month, so yay, that meant I could do both a zodiac and a floral pattern and work that out as a single theme. August’s flowers are gladiolus and also poppies, but I much preferred to draw poppies. Also the word in french has always been one of my favorite: Coquelicot! This was so much fun to put together perhaps I’ll work out a series with every month of the year :).

OMG I just woke up and found out my entry made it into the top 50 and will be continuing on to the second round, what an exciting surprise! There were SO many gorgeous entries shared in our group last week, it could have been anyone really. Well I’m delighted and grateful for the opportunity, thank you Lilla and team and congratulations to the other 49 semi-finalists!


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