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Global Talent Search Round 2: tin boxes


This is it, Round 2 for the Global Talent Search! The gallery is live and you can now vote for your top 5 favorites. I’ve just taken a peak and man, I’m completely blown away by all the entries! It’s so much fun to see everyone’s creative ideas, it’s like opening presents at Christmas. Lilla has a knack for making life exciting, doesn’t she? There’s excitement but also a lot of hard work. I push myself harder with every assignment, and this one was no exception! Something Lilla always stress in the courses is to “be You with a vengeance”, well this time I was perhaps even more than usual, and it’s kind of scary! Will you like it, will you not? I have no idea, but this is me… my entry below and a link to it in the gallery (wink wink!).

When I read the brief there was somewhere in the list of suggestions to get started, something that said it could be tins “for a made-up thing like unicorn horns”. Ha ha, LOVED that idea.. too bad now I had to think of another one!

Rather than practical things like coffee or tea, or what I might put in boxes (buttons and sewing stuff, or things to collage into dioramas) it felt that for the kind of store we had to design for, it should be something a little eccentric, yet universal enough to appeal to several customers. I toyed with many ideas but kept coming back to the magical thing (like unicorn horns) and it dawned on me, what’s more magical than the deep wishes we have for our lives?

I spent a lot of time exploring ideas and symbols around manifestation, in part like a scientist in search of a methodology and in part like an artist looking for non-cliché ways to show it visually. To me a huge part of manifestation is time, how long things take to manifest. In my life I’ve had to wait a lot and for many things I am still waiting. So I started to read about the god of time, Chronos, and mythology in general. The greeks and romans didn’t have TV but their gods’ personalities and stories are as entertaining as a TV show!

In the midst of all this my brother who lives in France sent me a book on Parisian decors, cause I told him I loved Art deco/nouveau motifs. And there I see a glass ceiling with the goddess Fortuna, the lady luck. Yes, luck is another part of manifestation, isn’t it, and very appealing like playing a game or gambling. But it’s not all luck, is it? What we do and our attitude also plays a big part, doesn’t it. Looking through the list of gods I chose the 4 I though would be most useful in manifesting:  Fortuna for luck of course, Janus which is the god of transition, beginnings and endings, Minerva which is the goddess of wisdom, arts and skills, and Jupiter who is the father of all gods, the universe, law and order.

For the rectangular tin I wanted to do something animal-based like I usually do in my personal work. For this I like to play with dichotomies, and here I see it as action vs reception, doing vs being. Coincidentally, in a CreativeLive class I listened to recently Tiffany Han had a slide with the secret formula “Being + Doing = Magic”. So, with that in mind I chose the ram to represent action (also linked to abundance as the horn of cornucopia), and the elephant to represent patience and strength (also a good luck symbol). And for my tree symbol I used the tree of life, which is shock full of symbolism and used in many different cultures and contexts.

 In alchemy the tree of life has seven branches to represent the five planets, sun and moon. And the hindus have twelves branches on their for the 12 zodiac signs, and also a lotus to mean the source of all life. So I gave mine 7 main branches with fruits, one lotus, and 12 small branches total. I also liked that the Egyptians have their tree of life planted with fishes below so I put a fish below my tree as well. For fun I could see the fish as Pisces, making the transition between the first zodiac sign Aries ( the ram) and Aquarius (the water bearer, which I show in my drawing as the elephant pouring water on himself).

As you can see I build my images a bit like I would construct an equation! The funny thing is, after I’m done I can find more ways to interpret it. Like the elephant, you can also see it as taking a cold shower to cool off, as everyone know if you want something too much it doesn’t happen! Also I made the fish with the tail a little twisted to make it look like a goldfish (another good luck symbol), and now I see it implies movement, like the fish in a fish bowl and the tree then is turning like an axis. And we go round and round, between day and night, doing and being!

Sorry this was such a long post, but I figure the ones who read this far are probably fine with it! Thanks for sticking with me, and don’t forget to vote!!

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