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Holiday Gift Sale at BookArtsLA

It was a good time yesterday at BookArtsLA for the center’s first Holiday Gift sale. We were around fifteen vendors packed with prints cards, books, jewelry, and other handmade items, setting up our tables bright and early at 8:30am. There wasn’t quite a mad rush in the morning, but we had people trickling in and out throughout the rest of the day and it was exciting to make my first few sales and test out my Paypal reader! I spent quite a few days preparing for this, buying a display and ordering stickers, preparing frames and packaging (chipboard backing and clear bags). Advice from classmates in my online courses and one’s Pinterest board for inspiration helped a lot to get ideas on how to set up my booth.

Among those things were adding a bit of verticality to the presentation (the display helped for that), a tablecloth to cover the table and bins underneath, something to give away (those were my stickers), signage with my logo and social networks, a sign for prices, a stack of business cards, as well as decorations to put shoppers in a holiday mood. I also made sure to get cash for change, and bring a card reader for credit card transactions (I got mine from Paypal but Square is a popular one). 

I really enjoyed the whole experience, having fun talking with customers but also getting to know the other artists, seeing their work and learning about different processes (for example one of them used a risograph, which I had never heard about before). Now that I have one under my belt, I hope to do more of these kinds of events in the future. Marcia from the center said there would be another sale sometimes in the spring so I know I’ll probably do this one again!

If you’d like to see action photos of the event, head on over to Harry Diaz’s photo set on Flickr, he took a lot of beautiful shots throughout the day and was very kind to share the link with all of us:

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