July Bootcamp brief: Beverages!

A couple weeks ago I posted about the mini assignment for this month’s bootcamp, which was to draw our favorite beverages. And for a lot of people that’s easy: coffee. People who drink coffee really really love their coffee. And they almost feel sorry for me when I tell them I can’t handle coffee very well. I wish I could cause the  whole coffee thing is such a fun ritual and I love the taste, but after a while it messes me up somehow. So instead I drink water most of the time, or herbal teas, and maybe wine occasionally. 

To spice things up and get inspired for the assignment I went to a different coffee shop every day and tried to expand my beverage horizons. Below are the sketches of all my drinks from that week. Ginger drinks are often my favorite non-coffee options, because at least they have some zing. Coconut is really refreshing too on a hot summer day, and so is iced tea!

From the beginning the idea I had in my head was to draw myself walking in a forest of beverages, which is kind of the way I feel when I read the menu and have to make a choice besides coffee. I didn’t have as much time and energy for this assignment because of the trip to Portland for ICON and catching up the week after, so I tried to find other ideas that could be simpler and faster to make but nothing really excited me as much as that one. Once I built up a little motivational pressure, I had one night left to finish but managed to get through it, finished at 6am Sunday morning! 

My little game was to use as many elements from my mini in the final piece: the lemon became the sun, the tea pouch label the clouds, the tea leaves a bunch of trees. And have you noticed the “house” wine? Haha. I get a funny sense of humor in the middle of the night. So here it is, I call this “the Land of no coffee”. 

If you have a chance, check out the class gallery on Lilla’s website, lots of amazing work and this was the last month of Bootcamp!  


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