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July Bootcamp mini: a week of beverage inspiration

This month for Lilla Rogers bootcamp’s mini assignment we had a surprise: draw our favorite beverages! The fun part: this time we only share photos with the facebook group, no drawings or doodles. Free from comparing or influence from others we can create more personal work. I love that.

In the first couple days I realized I love ginger beverages: ginger tea, ginger beer, and even ginger ice tea. Most people drink coffee every day, and I wish I could too but I don’t do well on caffeine, so in the morning I cut a few piece of fresh ginger and stick it my herbal tea. Love that spicy kick! 

This whole week I was off from work since I tagged a few extra days to the july 4th holiday, yay! This mini came at the right time to motivate me to visit coffee shops more often. I typically do my artwork at home, but why not put that laptop to good use and get our of the house? For a week I’m going to pretend I’m self-employed and visit a different coffee shop every day.

Ahh.. nothing like a little chilled white wine while preparing dinner. And even better in a pretty Moroccan glass! I was trying to remember where I bought those: Abbot Kinney street fair.. back when I lived on the West side!

On Thursday I called up a friend to go to the beach, and she took me to this lovely market tucked in a residential street of Culver City. The drink I had was healthy, kale and all that good stuff, but no so pretty to draw. I couldn’t help but capture the “wall of drinks” in display! The next day I was lucky to find a coffee shop open on July 4th, and had an appropriate red drink in the form of hibiscus iced tea. Refreshing!

Saturday I spend a good two hours in a cute french coffee shop, I could hear George Brassens on the radio, that doesn’t happen often in LA!  Who says french coffee shop says french drink: Perrier s’il-vous-plait :).

One of my favorite Sunday activities is to go to the Farmers Market, so rather than sit inside a coffee shop with my laptop I got myself a delicious market burger with a fresh coconut drink. Really curious to find out what this brief will be about! Well I Just found out: make a piece of personal art, something we’d like to hang on our wall or give to a dear friend. Hurray, that’s going to be fun!

drawing illustration

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