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Kimono exhibit at LACMA and paper cutting workshop

There’s a beautiful kimono exhibit at the LACMA’s Japanese Pavilion going right now until October 19th. I went a few days ago and thought I’d share photos of my favorites designs from these gorgeous modern inspired patterns in turn-of-the-century Japan. 

The pavilion design is very original with the interior space organized in a spiral shape. We start at the 3rd floor then follow the ramps down to the bottom with artwork exhibited all along the path. The shaded panels on the windows also give a pleasant filtered light inside.

On the first floor of the pavilion there is a collection of Netsuke on display. They are like buttons made to hold a little container that men would use to carry personal belongings, since kimonos had no pockets. Here a couple of my favorites, Heavenly Spirit and Dancing Fox.

Another thing I did in the recent days is participate in a paper cutting workshop given as part of the Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House. We were sitting in the attic of this famous 1908 Craftsman-style house by architects Green and Green. Kaitlynn Redell was teaching the workshop and gave a wonderful introduction on paper cutting traditions across different cultures. She prepared a variety of cutting templates to choose from with design inspired by architectural motifs found throughout the house. 

The Rose Vortex  you see in the photo is not normally there, it’s a special add-on by the creative folks from Machine (apparently it will be activated this Thursday evening if anyone is around here and would like to see that!). I had not noticed until putting these pictures together but I must have been influenced by it’s circle shape when selecting my paper cutting template! 

All that cutting was pretty labor intensive (and not easy)! I have a lot of respect for paper cutting artists with this much skills and patience. I don’t know if it’s really for me, but I enjoyed exploring this art form and will be a little less intimidated by intricate cutting after this workshop.

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