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Kitchen facelift: Mibo Tile Tattoos

I don’t always look through deals daily candy sends me but I’m glad I did for these tile tattoos from Mibo. They were on sale at I had seen them before it seems, but this time they caught my eye. It’s super easy to install, and I love the results! You would think these have been painted on. All I needed for this border is 3 sets of 6 tattoos, not bad for a such a transformation!

The package has 6 tattoos. On the site they only show the tiles installed. I like to see the product as I receive it to get a good idea of what I’m getting, so I’m showing you here. To install, all you have to do is spray the tile with water (after washing it first), then spray the tattoo and peel it off, spraying the back as well.  Then stick it on the tile to cover. You’ll be able to move it slightly to make sure it’s aligned well. Remove the excess water by scraping over with a credit card or driver’s license, and voilà, it’s that easy. It takes about 3-4 minutes per tile.

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