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Life in the city of angels

Finished! Just in the nick of time. I’ve been racing against the clock to send this to the printer so I can hang it on Tea Pop’s walls Friday for this Sunday’s opening night. It’s sized at 28×20 inches, so quite a lot of surface to cover! But figuring what to draw and where to put it is the biggest piece of the pie. Not only do I want to help tourists remember the good times they had sightseeing the town, but I also want the design to appeal to Angelenos and celebrate the city’s unique local lifestyle and architecture.

Below is the original sketch which I did way back in 2008, and you’ll see quite a few things changed in this new colored version. Instead of mostly nondescript buildings now’s there’s the Taft building, Capitol Records, Union Station, the Disney Concert Hall, and even Randy’s Donuts. 

I wanted more recognizable buildings like in my Santa Barbara print, and fix some of the weakest spots of the design like the lower right area. Tricky spot! I tried a whole bunch of ideas.. the pier, the Mulholland Memorial fountain like in the sketch, beach houses, a farmers market scene, then the pergolas on Venice beach which finally gave me the idea of the bench and guitarist.

Why didn’t I think of it sooner? I’ve seen that very scene many times while having coffee at the Fig Tree cafe, there’s a bench like that right across the boardwalk. It always seem obvious once we have the solution, doesn’t it?

So now.. onto the rest of the preparations for the show, almost there!


UPDATE: my Los Angeles illustration is available as an art print and other products on Society6.

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