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Lilla Roger’s May Bootcamp mini assignment: People, faces and vintage dolls

Lilla’s Bootcamp has been running since February but at the end of MATS A course we were offered to jump in for the remaining 3 months May-July. With one assignment a month instead of one a week it’s an easier pace. There are no reviews but we get to publish our work on a public gallery on Lilla’s website. Sounded like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, so like many of my classmates I joined! 

In MATS A we had 2 days for the mini assignments, here we have a week. That’s nice, because with work on those two days I never had a lot of time for the minis. This month the mini was to practice drawing people and faces, in particular using vintage dolls.  

I don’t draw people that often, but every time I do I rely on what I’ve learned in Betty Edwards book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. In particular, the proportions of the face: that the eyes are mid level between the chin and the top of the head and the ear at the same distance from the eyes. I first went through the book when I was 18, with my mom’s copy I found in the house. Below is my self portrait at the end of the book. What a serious look on my face, haha, I was so concentrated on making the drawing. Two years ago I bought the revised edition and did another self portrait, but this one at the beginning before doing the book. Looks like I’m in need of that refresher! 

Anyway, back to the mini. Lilla posted photos of her doll collection in the PDF and suggested that we start drawing those. They are quite interesting characters, especially the dude with the big eyes. He makes a good couple with the Chinese lady!

After that I searched vintage dolls on Pinterest and put together a board for inspiration.

Follow Sophie’s board Vintage dolls on Pinterest.//

I like the vintage doll with a bonnet and blue dress and decorated the dress with a pattern for my ink sketch. And since I like the 1920s style I searched for toys of that era and drew a few ones of those. Look at that one with the foot wheel, that’s from the 19th century, so fun and creative!

I also loved the old wooden puppets from 1930s, they have lots of character. I found more modern ones by Alexander Girard, with lots of colorful geometric patterns, really cool. I saw also some wooden dutch houses and got inspired to mix faces and houses, adding color with collage. 

Somewhere in the PDF I read that the theme was holiday fun so I was sure we were preparing for a holiday wrapping paper assignment or something like that. Boy was I wrong!! I almost fell off my chair when I learned that it was an editorial piece for an article on meditation. Ha! I’m going to have to meditate on that one!


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