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Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair

Last weekend was the Renegade Craft Fair, for the second time in Los Angeles, but it was my first experience going. It took place outside in a large park north of Chinatown, apparently known as “the cornfield”. Events of all kinds easily go unnoticed in a large city like L.A., and I don’t remember how I learned about this one, but I’m glad I went, it was quite a huge event with over 200 artists!

It’s wonderful to see so many creative people together in one space. With that much to look at I surely missed a ton. While I thought about taking a few snapshots, I was mostly busy trying to collect as many mental pictures as I could for inspiration, but I’ll share here what’s actually in physical form.

It’s kind of funny how the subconscious works, but unknowingly I gravitated to a couple booths that were occupied by Montreal artists. It’s not because it’s my hometown, but I immediately loved these guys’ work. In the one booth above was Sérigraphie Cinq Un Quatre (Alice Jarry and Jason Cantoro), which produces beautiful and unexpected prints with layered photographs and textures. I chatted with the artists for a little while, they’re super nice. I bought two cool prints for my bedroom.

Ah the purses… like nothing I had seen before, I just could not resist. Then I learned they were together with Alice and Jason next door, who generate the graphics printed on the leather. Rachel explained she uses recycled leather for her creations. I did not need more convincing. See the cute purse I bought below.

Another temptation, this tee shirt from Recession Clothing, great colors and shape.

There were too many people in front on that booth to take a good photo of their colorful prints selection, but it’s easy to remedy because they’re on etsy.

As if cupcakes were not cute enough, these edible stickers really add the cherry on the sundae. With a modern flair at that.

It seems the world can never get enough pillows (those are made by Park and Beach), especially when they are this cheerful.

Last picture, I don’t remember what booth I took this at, but this one is to remind me that fabric stretched on a canvas is one option for wall art.


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