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Make Art that Sells: Recap and Next Steps

Earlier this week in the last video of the class Lilla suggested we look back on the work done for the class and take note of what we’ve learned. Perhaps compare assignments between the first and fifth week and see the progress we’ve made. “Do this the first week right after the class while things are still fresh.” No kidding! It’s barely four days now since this video and the class is fading in a beautiful cloudy mist, replaced by ukulele practices and starting on Lilla’s new Bootcamp assignment (more on that in the next post). 

If it’s not obvious by looking at these two images, here’s what I learned:

  • More elements in my illustrations: I enjoy modern styles and clear simple shapes without a lot of details and in my mind that usually means keeping things to a minimum. As the weeks went by I risked adding more and more, often nervous that the result would not reflect my style, but to my surprise this last piece is still very much me. 
  • Bolder in my color choices: before this class I tended to be in favor of muted colors. Still in my last piece I started out with a muted palette, then pushed beyond my comfort zone with brighter greens and pink. Just compare the flamingos between the two design.
  • Stay myself with trends: I love trends when it comes to fashion, but in my personal art I don’t pay too much attention and just follow what I like. If anything I prefer to stay away from what everyone else does. In this class we all had the same on trend assignments yet there were so many different interpretations! This kind of exposure to a great number of artists is unique and I’ve grown and reaffirmed my style because of it. 
  • More textures and better image quality: In the first week I had trouble figuring out how to mix pixels and vectors, and the best way to make my drawings digital. The icons in my fabric piece came out a bit blurry and the edges were not so clean. Over the weeks I came up with a few tricks and improved my workflow. I also learned to incorporate more textures and experiment creating my own.
  • Sketch more: as the week went by I produced more sketches for each assignment. I still use a lot of tracing paper to refine my drawings but with the class I’ve been using my sketchbooks more. I hope to continue and become this person who carries them all the time.
  • More comfortable sharing my work and words: the class comes a wonderfully supportive group and it’s made me more brave sharing work in progress and reaching out for feedback. I write more blog posts. Also on social networks, I’m a lot more inclined to interact and leave comments than I was before.

Yay for all this progress! But I noticed also a bunch of things I need to improve. The main one is, I need to work smarter and take less time on my assignments, because I lost a lot of sleep during these past weeks! 

In order to work smarter, and less hard, here’s what I plan to do:

  • Improve my workflow with photoshop and illustrator by taking this class from skillshare. I’m hoping it will also give tips on texture making. 
  • Set a limit to how much time I spend on my projects. Because I’ve mostly done art on my free time, I’ve been used to not restrain hours on my creative projects. It got a little out of control with this class! And I’m not even talking about Facebook ;).
  • Better balance work and life. With my jobs I have always done this pretty well, but with personal projects it’s easy to get consumed and stop living. If you have any good tips, let’s hear them

As for which market I want to focus on, I guess I’m inclined towards Bolt Fabric. Mainly because now I’m drawn to making a bunch of patterns with what I drew in the past weeks and put them on Spoonflower. But I also want to rework my pouch from the Gift Market, and maybe make a Wall Art piece out of cactus drawings. Among a few other things ;). Class is over, but I need to get cracking!

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