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Miniature dance bar in a TV

When the first TV I ever owned gave its last breath I could not bring myself to just throw it out. How could I put such a big piece of trash on the street, how long would it sit in the landfill? So I decided to give it a second life. I had seen an installation in the window of a café that had TVs turned into aquariums, which I thought was a pretty cool idea. But I didn’t really want to deal with the water, so I had to think of something else.

If you consider what a TV is, it’s like a box with a live room inside. Somehow I got the idea of making a bar scene, complete with lights, dj and coktails.

Something I liked to collect was those cards we used to find near the restrooms in public places like restaurants. Those were a great source of ideas, because in themselves they’re really expressive. The “found you” card in the middle became the central concept, if you think about bars as a place where people go and hope to find one another. And the one with the zebra was a play on design because of the stripes there matching the slots in the wall of the TV. And you can think of it too as a representation for how people may be somewhat prisoners of social conventions when they go to these places.

For the seats I took an old can which I cut and and stuffed with fabric. I made the characters out of wire that I bent around a capacitor from the TV. Because the wire was black the characters appeared invisible in the scene, so I painted them with the brightest color I could find in a spray can, and this bright orange worked out pretty well in the end.


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