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New work: ocean-inspired designs

Do you remember my post from last month where I shared a whole bunch of new pieces with a holiday theme? Well this is one of the same kind, except now the theme is nautical and the chapter chosen for February from Draw Every Day Draw Every Way was “a month of Sea Life”.

Like holidays, nautical is another popular licensing category that I’ve been wanting to expand on. And I’m finding it really helpful to have these little paintings to spark ideas for new pieces. It’s almost as big a game changer as when I got the iPad Pro and Pencil. Kind of big. I still go through many design iterations and often will need to paint new bits and pieces along the way, but the blank page isn’t as scary as it used to be.

I hope you enjoy this collection! There's mermaid pattern, a mermaid birthday card, a sailboat pattern, an octopus thank you card, jelly fish plates, and a turtle art print.

You’ll see some changes in my portfolio very  soon, cause I’ve been planning a big re-org :).

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