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Painting of Peggy Olson on roller skates

A few weeks back someone told me, “do you watch Mad Men? You’re just like Peggy!” My reaction was “hum.. thanks?” Oddly this is a little game I like to play too, compare people with TV and movie characters. It’s really fun, but not as much when you’re the one being compared! It felt like a wake up call to perhaps work on my look, or my demeanor? Though I have to admit I have a lot of similarities with the character, strangely, both in my career and personal life. Given a quiz on which Mad Men character are you, I would have had to pick Peggy over Joan or Megan (even though she is french canadian).

So I’ve had this slice of wood lying around for the MATS assignment from February , waiting for a subject. I decided I could embrace my inner Peggy and make a portrait of her as my painting. Except I couldn’t find a pose of her I wanted to identify with. I toyed with the idea of painting Elizabeth Moss instead. Until a couple nights ago, when I watched the latest episode, Lost Horizon (see a little Vine of my favorite scene). Now, that Peggy, I’m cool with! Soon as I turned off the TV I picked up my paint brush. Haha. I’m going to hang it my by front door and get a smile each time I leave the house!

Check out the February gallery on Lilla’s website, some people make it look so effortless! Here are links to a few of my favorites: Akiko Da Silva, Virginia Romo, Francesca Ianaccone, Mayacoa Studio, Betsey Hodson, Thalysia Vanesch, Elizabeth Dejure, and Traci Pichette.

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