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People are people

So many questions come up when drawing people. Beyond the basic shape, a lot of decisions have to be made.. what hairstyle, clothes, or accessories should the person have? And other than that, what size, gender, skin color? The natural thing is to draw characters that look more like ourselves, cause it’s easier. But In art like in life there is room for everyone, no matter what color, size, gender, or what kind of pattern is on your sweater.  People are just people. 

Some time ago I did a sketch of bunch of faces with the idea to turn it into a pattern. After a quick test I decided it wasn’t worth pursuing and it ended there. But last week’s people theme on FolioFocus felt like a good occasion to pull it out of the sketchbook for a little makeover.

For my first iteration I stuck to black and white and only explored shapes and patterns.

And a couple more iterations for colors.

If you notice the features changed quite a bit after this last iteration. It took a few trials with different styles to land somewhere in between realistic and symbolic for just the right expression and personality. 

Now available as a print in my shop.


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