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Portraits of Frida

Over the past few weeks I've been working on my people skills. Drawing people skills that is ;-). Faces mainly - eyes, hair, expressions, whatever makes a person unique.


With Lilla Rogers and her class "Drawing Faces" I learned, among other things, to better examine the placement and proportions of features by studying photos of current celebrities. And wanting to explore this further I decided to research the life and work of inspirational artists, starting with the fascinating Frida. And here's how she might have appeared, surrounded by cactus and succulent plants in front of her Mexican blue house.


Looking at a number of Frida's paintings (her many self-portraits, The Two Fridas, My Grandparents, my Parents, and Me, Roots, Moses, etc.) it seems clear that an important theme of her work was her identity, both as a self and in relation to another person or encompassing group such as her family and country.

This inspired me to revisit my animal archetypes, which I would love to turn into a deck of tarot-like cards eventually, and where Frida would be an example of both the estranged heron and the swan who fits in.



And why not also consider the actual tarot, because with how she survived her major accident and handled her difficult marriage to Diego Rivera she easily fits as an archetype of the Strength card, flowers in the hair and all!


animal archetype illustration

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