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so it begins

What better time to start a new blog than the first day of the year. My resolutions: notice what’s around, share with others, and generally be more out there.


To be honest, this blog has been a long time coming. A little over a year, yikes. I started out with a simple goal, put my portfolio back online. Instead of building a site from scratch, my idea was to develop a blog so I could use the power of tags and not worry about how to organize my projects in sections. The only thing is, I know enough code to get myself in trouble and wanting to customize everything. Two names, fourteen designs, a couple wordpress versions and countless hours exploring plugins later, I can’t put this off any longer. However scary it is, I am ready to begin. Originally meant as a tag line, from one thing to another is now the title of my blog. It’s going to be about creative projects I do in my spare time, things I see or read worth sharing that may be about art, design, science, technology, and even cooking. No doubt I will add to the list over time, and I hope this growing creature of a blog will be one you will grow to love. Welcome, and happy new year!


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