The Art of Packaging and Paradoxes

I’ve been looking at packaged goods in a whole new way since Uppercase Magazine put out an open call for packaging illustrations. At first it seemed like a quick and easy one, but on second thought, making it fit in my portfolio is a whole other thing.

For a few days I considered every wrapper as I would of a flower or landscape. The perfect solution? RxBars on display at my local coffee shop. Their packaging is just brilliant! And somewhat of a paradox because it prides itself on honesty yet makes us think there's a chef whipping them one by one in small kitchen when for sure they're made in large batches by a processing plant.

Precisely the kind of paradox I love exploring in my work. Even more fun, turning the bars into a metaphor for something else that's hard to break down into a precise recipe: relationships.


Now for another form of artful packaging, here's a marketing animation I completed last month for a real estate management company. They handed me a voice over from which I selected a few words and then created a whole visual narrative about the home buying process (a bit of a paradox too since the bank is the real owner of the house). Here I used photographs as my source material because the client wanted this kind of realistic look.



While we're on the subject of houses, I never showed you the finished painting from January, but now I will cause I just entered it in a couple competitions on Artists Network. Why not, fingers crossed!



This is the painting shown in my living room, where it conveniently hides the ugly AC unit on the wall behind.



And here’s how the same painting might look in a nice frame over a cool velvet sofa and modern planter… in other words packaged in an inspiring decor ;-).


animation illustration painting

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