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The art of transformation: new shop, fresh art, same spirit

Quite a bit has happened since my last post. There's been some travel in August followed by a few freelance projects, among other things, but the big news and what's kept me very busy the past few weeks is that my site is now on Shopify, which means I can run a professional shop rather than have it be a side kick to my portfolio.

It might seem trivial but this change brought on a lot of questions, like what to do with my portfolio and blog, and what character I want my shop to have.

After some tinkering I realized Shopify isn't built for portfolios and transferred mine to Adobe, where I already had one for my design work. Though it makes a lot more sense now because all my freelance clients go to the same place, that move at first almost felt like cutting an arm off. Until I realize that there's me, the freelancer, and then there's the artist selling products under the brand name Sophiequi.

As long as my portfolio and shop were lumped together, I could avoid defining exactly what I or my brand was about. I was an illustrator making illustrations, that's about it. Now with a dedicated site for my shop I had to come up with something better.

Going into the process of transforming the site one thing I knew is that I wanted it to feel warmer and more natural. I started by going through all my designs, old and new, to determine which felt right and which also needed refreshing. 

Gradually, while working on the art, the what and why became clearer: to express the inner life and motivate self-exploration not only through illustration and products, but also stories. Which is why I put extra effort in my product descriptions and why I'll continue blogging on this site with the same spirit as I did before.


 And since we're talking about transformation I'll show you a few "before and after" of some of the products that are in my new shop. If you can find a moment in this busy season, please check it out!

What Bugs Me Notebook "before and after"

Work In Progress Notebook "before and after"

We're So Good Together Art Print "before and after"

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