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The best of Santa Barbara

Have you ever been to Santa Barbara? It’s a fun place to visit (or live in) and only a couple hours drive north of Los Angeles.

Though I’ve been there several times my understanding of the city is a bit distorted cause I always end up in the same favorite spots: Stearns Wharf, State Street, D’Angelo bakery and Maya Chocolate on Motor Way, and sometimes a trip to the Old Mission or wineries. I suspect it’s like this for most visitors. Everything in between might as well not exist! It reminds me of what Alfred Hitchcock said about a movie, it’s like life minus the dull parts. 

 So there’s my movie equivalent for Santa Barbara, all the best parts squished into one image! Does it remind you of good times you spent over there?

 For me there was the time I went to Stearns Wharf and ate a sea urchin right off a fishing boat, the time my ukulele band marched behind a wedding party at the Courthouse, the time I took my two sisters to the wine country, or the time I made my first retail sale (at Folio Press and Paperie), to name a few.

Before this fully rendered version I had the print in a line drawing form. If you’d like to read up on the making of this funky composition, check out the blog post from last April

To create the artwork I traced the buildings in Illustrator and had to test different strategies for the colors, textures and how to add the details without crowding the picture. Painting the plants by hand has worked well in the past but the people looked better with a more opaque finish so I did them in photoshop using my wacom tablet and gouache brushes. 

I uploaded the print to my Society6 shop where you can buy it framed.

illustration lettering wall-art

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