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The Elephant in the Room

It started with a simple sketch of two women having coffee. What should I put in the background I wondered… how can spice up this drawing? Letting my pen draw a few plants, out of nowhere came an elephant.

Well, to be honest I was thinking about Henri Rousseau’s paintings and how much I love when he brings the living room out in the jungle. I don’t know, it’s something about the crossing of nature and humanity. After all we have to cohabit on this planet, don’t we. So I guess I ended up with a reverse Rousseau: the jungle into a coffee shop! 

While sketching the elephant the expression “elephant in the room” came to mind. How perfect. Three of my favorite things together: architecture, animals, and metaphors.

And then I notice the tip of the elephant’s trunk was like a blindfold over one of the women’s eyes. Pencil accident on a tight page. But it’s an interesting detail that creates a story. 

Maybe the story is, one woman is aware of the elephant and the other is not. Or, it could be that the woman naively brings up a subject she’s not suppose to talk about? Well whatever it is, my lips are sealed.


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