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UPPERCASE: You have exactly what it takes

It’s here, it’s here, the latest issue of UPPERCASE magazine and special New Illustration Talent! It’s beautiful, as all the issues always are, but this one is most exciting because omg my work is in it! Also because its cover is telling me just what I really need to hear right now: you have exactly what it takes (will have to repeat that one out loud like Dorothy as I click my heels!). If you too need a boost of confidence and inspiration, get your copy of the magazine, or in the mean time have a look through my favorite little snippets below.

Janine did an amazing job with the illustrator pages, each one unique and tailored to the person’s style and story. She composed the text from answers to a series of questions (in my case it was a lot about my background since it’s unusual for an illustrator), but the final copy was a surprise. My reaction in reading it was, wow, it’s like she knows me better than I do! So much fun to discover the other artists too, and falling in love with their work. I added a small subset of my favorite snippets below, but there’s so much more to discover. Visit this page to see portraits of all 30 and dig into their website.

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