Get 10% off with code Hurray for Holidays, or 15% on 2 notebooks with code 15Off2Notebooks
Get 10% off with code Hurray for Holidays, or 15% on 2 notebooks with code 15Off2Notebooks
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Sophiequi was established in 2014 by me, Sophie Dufresne, as a space to explore and share my inner world through stories, products, and illustration.

Well maybe not just “my” inner world, but also "the" inner world I suppose because what I was looking for, really, is to recover a certain feeling of connectedness, or wholeness. Something coming from that place deep within which fills the heart and speaks to the imagination.

Though I considered myself a creative person at the start of this venture, there was so much I didn't know that I didn't know about making art for a living. During these first few years I joined many online classes and groups, met wonderful people, learned a lot, but at the same time my art and intention went in all sorts of directions.

Over the course of 2018 I chose to spend less time online, meet more people face to face, and paint more on paper too. I started experimenting on canvas every month with a group of women next door, attending talks on mythology and philosophy, and now I'm learning about Jung and his imaginative world through a public program with the Jung institute.

With all this I ended up finding the way back to my original purpose, not only with a few more skills but also with a clearer sense of what it is and why do it: to create art that marries meaning and imagination, thought and feeling, humor and poetry, and in my own way perhaps help making this fragmented world a little more whole.

To that end I rebuilt my store with those of my designs which most fit the expression of inner life, mythology, nature, and connection. With products like notebooks, art prints, and accessories, my aim is to motivate self-exploration with a certain dose of humor, style, and sensibility.

PS: if you're looking for my portfolio, you'll now find it at