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Animal Archetypes

When this project started my intention was to draw a person's essential character, or what you might call a visual representation of my impression about that person. But rather than draw the actual person I used symbols from her life, which for the first couple people included their pets. When I learned that animals carry a lot of symbolism they became the central symbols in my drawings. One thing led to another, then I discovered Jung's theory of archetypes, his concept of the shadow and how we might project it on other people. It gave me the idea to create an opposite for each drawing. 



These four drawings are from the latest iteration, with a slightly different style, and I see them as together forming a sort of mandala. The vertical stacking of the elephants can represent the hierarchical and organized process of the left brain while the flying horses would symbolize the simultaneous and chaotic process of right brain. 



I also animated the last two, adding motion and music to the static images and text.