notebook with cover picturing the alchemical marriage between the White Queen and Red King od alchemy, or the feminine and masculine principles within a person
Alchemy Notebook
Alchemy Notebook
Alchemy Notebook
Alchemy Notebook
Alchemy Notebook

Alchemy Notebook

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The Story

Two trendy animals, the stag and the unicorn. Even back in the middle ages, when alchemists mixed metals in hope to make gold. The unicorn stood for mercury and the stag sulfur. But for them metals were more than just chemical elements, they were also characters of the mind. Characters with clashing or complementary personalities and taste, and the goal of that mental alchemy was the same one as in any good rom com: a successful marriage. In other words, to become a balanced, happy, and whole human being.

How might one reach this psychological transformation other than investing in chemical apparatus? By any means which facilitates a relationship with the subconscious mind: taking on a creative endeavor, keeping a journal, writing one's dreams, etc. Hence this notebook ;-) ;-)

Important Details

  • Cover designed and illustrated by Sophie Dufresne for Sophiequi
  • 48 pages of 70lb (sturdy!) acid free paper with a creamy white smooth finish
  • Scuff-resistant ultra-matte laminate cover (that feels like velvet!)
  • Printed and hand bound with high durability tacky glue
  • Note that colors on screen may vary slightly from the finished product
  • This design is also available as an art print
  • Please allow 4-10 days to manufacture plus shipping time

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